Celebrating the Village of Eastport

The Eastport Democratic Club was established in 1929 and its mission is to provide a welcoming gathering place for our community. It is a private, members only club.

The EDC is not politically affiliated and is committed to supporting local charities, schools and community service organizations with both financial and impactful actions.

We welcome a diverse membership from all walks of life in a social setting. Each member pledges to uphold our rich history and look upon every member as a brother or sister. We also pledge to do all in our power to uphold this Club so that it may be looked upon as a benefit to its members, their families, and our community.

EDC History
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Upcoming Public Events

Join us on Saturday March, 9, 2024 for the annual Green Beer Races. Check back for more details!

EDC Green Beer Races
EDC Green Beer Racing
EDC Members

Interested in becoming a member?

You must first have a member sponsor. If you know an EDC member and would like to join, ask them to help you navigate that process and perhaps be added to wait list.